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On 3 Performance BMW N54 335i Top Mount Single Turbo Stage 2 T4 kit will now support our larger 60mm and 67mm ceramic ball bearing turbo line.  This kit will be more focused on the customer wanting to support 550 – 800 crank HP.

This system starts with a completely custom-designed manifold that is a 2pc design.  We have designed it from an extremely thick schedule 40 tubings and only use 304ss for the construction.  By making this unique manifold, it allows for a much easier install.  Most of the single top mount kits also require you to modify the factory coolant line as it’s routed through the same area where the factory turbos are.  We took serious attention to detail and built around it so it retains the hard aluminum tubing.  This is not a good area to run rubber hose as some systems do.  Sure it would be easier but in the long run, we have a better design.  Our manifold is designed to use ours On 3 Performance 44mm v-banded wastegate to control boost.  Out of the box, your kit will be set up to make around 14psi on wastegate pressure.  Coming out of the wastegate, we have it set up to atmosphere.

Our turbo system was designed around our already popular turbocharger line that has powered other cars into the 8’s in the quarter-mile.  The first option is going to be the On 3 60mm T4 series turbocharger.  If you are looking for the quickest spooling option and sticking to the 500-650hp range, this will be the option for you.  Although spool time will be almost identical(~300rpm slower), the On 3 Performance 67mm is the top shelf and will yield the highest HP that we can offer.  You will be able to select when ordering your system two other options.  We had this exhaust housing designed and cast specifically for our line of turbochargers and best of all it is v-banded inlet and outlet.  With any tight engine bay, this is key to allow for endless adjustments.  This will not only look great but when the install time comes, it will make life that much easier.

The 3″ downpipes made from 304ss will take the gases back to the factory exhaust location and splits into duals.  With each kit, we also include the necessary stainless steel v-band clamps to secure the turbo in place, downpipes as well as the needed clamp for the turbo manifold.  To make our kit that much easier to install and to keep it a direct bolt-on, we also include a set of billet fittings to help with a number of complications.  When removing the factory twin turbos, that will leave oil ports for supply, draining as well as water passages used for cooling the stock units wide open.

To address the cold side, coming out of the turbo we designed a short 2.5″ charge pipe out of the turbo to the massive 7″ core On 3 Performance air to air intercooler upgrade.  In order to maximize power to redline, the IAT’s with the factory intercooler will become a problem.  Airflow surpasses what the factory air to air will handle and start delivering hot air to the engine.  As that warms up, the computer starts pulling timing and that will become a power loss.  Cool the air with the new 7″ On 3 Intercooler and your not pulling timing, air temps drop and everything is good.  Although that is all that is required to get the car running, we didn’t want to stop there.  We wanted to improve upon what most see or already on the market.  So we also designed a custom throttle body charge pipe to include with each turbo system standard at no additional cost.  This is a 3″ polished aluminum charge pipe and also intergraded in our 50mm On 3 Performance blow off valve flange.  Each system will come with the 50mm On 3 blow-off valve, this will not only sound good but fight compressor surge.  Most will look at this feature and like it for the sound but its a very crucial piece to a turbo system to keep the turbo alive.  Also hard to see but we do have the map sensor bung welded in so it’s ready for a plug and play install.  Another touch that was not required was the power steering reservoir.  We built a custom billet aluminum fabricated reservoir which contains a custom washable filter element.

Every Kit Includes

  • Custom Billet Oil Supply Fitting for New On 3 GT Series Turbo
  • Custom Turbo Oil Restrictor Fitting
  • Custom Billet Turbo Oil Drain (Into Engine Block)
  • On 3 Performance 2pc SCH 10 304 Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold – T4 600+HP Option
  • 3″ 304ss 16 gauge Tig Welded Downpipe
  • On 3 Performance 60mm Vband Turbocharger (Ceramic Ball Bearing)
  • On 3 Performance Cast Turbo Exhaust Housing
  • On 3 Performance Oil Feed System
  • On 3 Performance Oil Drain System
  • Billet Plugs Factory Water Ports
  • Billet Plugs For Factory Oil Supply Ports
  • Billet Plugs For Turbo Water Drain
  • Billet Plugs For Factory Turbo Oil Drain
  • 5 ply Silicone Coupler Kit
  • Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamp Kit
  • Custom Billet Aluminum Power Steering Overflow Tank


  • On 3 Performance Massive 7″ Core Air To Air Intercooler
  • On 3 6061 Aluminum 3.0″ Throttle Body Charge Pipe
  • On 3 50mm Blow Off Valve Kit
  • On 3 44mm Wastegate Kit

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Weight 40 lbs


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