Radium Engineering Toyota MK5 Supra Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit - Microglass

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The Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger is an excellent solution for increasing fuel flow on the 2020+ Toyota GR Supra. The kit leaves the entire OEM direct injection system intact. However, it permits one additional independent 39mm fuel pump, specifically for auxillary fuel such as port injection. NOTE: The modification is NOT compatible with the larger 39/50 DCCS pumps (Walbro F900002XX) but does have all the provisions for a brushless pump.

The following components are retained and operate exactly how BMW/Toyota intended:

  • OEM brushless fuel pump (for direct injection)
  • OEM fuel pressure regulator (for direct injection)
  • OEM pre pump filter (for direct injection)
  • OEM post pump filter (for direct injection)
  • OEM fuel collector basket (for starvation protection)
  • OEM venturi jet pump (for saddle tank crossover)
  • OEM fuel level sensor (for fuel gauge)


How it works?

An additional fuel pump with a pre pump filter sock is integrated into the OEM fuel collector basket. The fuel from this new pump is sent out of the fuel hat through a low-profile 8AN male adapter fitting.

This line must be regulated using a fuel pressure regulator (not included) and a low micron aftermarket filter must be installed downstream. These components are not provided in this kit but are available separately.

The returning fuel enters the fuel hat through a low profile 6AN male fitting. Fuel enters the OEM collector basket through a machined fitting assembly (shown below). Inside the assembly features a deflector that evenly disperses the fuel and prevents turbulence and unwanted foam. 

High flow fuel lines to travel between the Radium fuel hanger and the port injection kit for the MK5 GR Supra. Includes fuel filter with micro-fiberglass element, all fittings, lines and brackets.


  • Drop-In Installation
  • Adds an additional Fuel Pump 
  • High Current Electrical Hardware
  • Compatibility with Popular Fuel Pumps
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol Compliant
  • Fuel Resistant Tubing and Wiring
  • Stainless Steel Hardware


  • Fuel Filter (-03 Stainless or -05 Microglass)
  • 8AN Fuel Filter Adapter Fittings
  • Billet Aluminum MK5 Supra Filter Mount
  • 8AN and 6AN PushLok Hose Ends
  • 8AN Fuel Feed Hose
  • 6AN Fuel Return Hose
  • Fuel Line Retainers
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

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