BMW N54 335i Maintenance Schedule

From owning my 2007 BMW N54 335i, and working on other N54’s I’ve compiled a road map of sorts listing maintenance items and average mileage change. The N54 is a solid motor and can quite a bit of abuse, but to keep enjoying it you’ll need to stay on top of the maintenance. This is not a bible of sorts, just a recommendation of what my current maintenance schedule. I’ve purposely excluded items outside of the function of the motor, such as the transmission, differential, and suspension components. If you have any suggestions etc, please feel free to comment below.

Every ~8k Miles
+ Oil Change
+ Oil Filter

Every ~25k Miles
+ Spark Plugs
+ Walnut Blast (Running Port Injection will eliminate this to do item)

Every ~50k Miles
+ Coil Packs
+ Cabin Air Filter
+ Engine Air Filter

Every ~75k Miles
+ Injectors and decouplers
+ Oil Filter Housing Gasket
+ Oil Pan Gasket
+ Valve Cover and Gasket
+ Cooling System
+ Water Pump
+ Thermostat
+ Radiator (Upgrade to CSF Aluminum Radiator will eliminate this to do item)
+ Coolant Reservoir
+ Radiator Hoses
+ Turbo – a good time to replace, rebuild, or upgrade.
+ Vacuum Lines

Every ~100k Miles
+ Accessory Belt and Tensioner
+ Vanos Solenoids – if no codes, you can clean them for now.
+ Alternator
+ Starter
+ Battery
+ High-Pressure Fuel Pump


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