Attending SEMA 2021

Attending SEMA 2021

SEMA 2021 was an exciting event that showcased a lot of unique builds, along with new vehicles and products. This being our first year at this yearly event that occurs on the first week in November, it was indeed a great experience. The first day for us was Tuesday since Monday was traveling, which took a while since we had to go from Orlando -> LA -> Las Vegas. Talk about timezone, hoping.

One new thing I saw at the show was almost how a lot of builds are starting to utilize the hellcat motor. Whichever car you put it in instantly becomes a. rowdy car. The one that caught my eye the most was a hellcat swapped BMW M2. I wish I heard it running, but just looking at it, you can see what a thought-out build it was. With its huge aero wing, you can tell driving it on the track would be a good time.

One of the most seen cars at the event was the MK5 Supra. There were a lot of variants from the factory models brought from Toyota to some individual builds, which gave praise to the Supras body lines. Ironically, one of my favorite Supra was one on display from Toyota, a T-Top variant. I didn't know I needed a T-Top in my life until seeing this one.

One of the most anticipated cars is the Nissan Z. A 6 speed manual with 400HP stock. From my experience, I know the potential of this car is going to be scary. Starting at a baseline of 400HP, it can be safe to assume that other modern motors should be able to handle 800HP at the minimum on the stock block and a turbo kit. This is a car I'm keeping my eye on.

We saw a lot of cars, attended a lot of seminars, and listened to some interesting talks from industry leaders in the aftermarket scene. Through all that walking and taking in knowledge, we enjoyed the nightlife exploring Las Vegas. A trip we will make again next year since we learned a lot and met some solid people. If you get the opportunity to go, definitely take it.


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