The Day I Bought My BMW N54 335i

Before purchasing my 335i in 01/2012, I was in the process of building my 2000 Honda Civic EX (EJ8). Suspension and interior was in clean condition, and the only thing left was to swap out my d16y8 for something a bit more powerful. I put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this car literally. Most of the blood was from when I did the auto to manual swap. The main thing I wanted to get out of the car was a reliable 300 hp.I then stumbled upon the 335i, upon a night of forum hopping. I was as giddy as ants on a pile of sugar. This car was capable of 300 hp 300 torque stock !!! Just let’s say my mind was blown, and I binged on every youtube video I could find about the car.

The specs I wanted was a 6-speed space grey coupe with red interior and i-drive. I arranged to purchase my dream combination in Tampa, but the dealer sold it from under me the morning I was on my way to purchase it. I was heartbroken and vowed I was not going home until I had a 335i. I traveled all over Orlando looking for a 335i. Either the car was outside my budget or didn’t like the options. Ironically the dealer I bought my car from was one of the first places I visited that day. Oddly they couldn’t find the car and I left my number in case they found it. I spent all day looking and was about to throw in the towel, and received the phone call that they found it.

Ohh, Joy !!! I sped down to the dealership and viewed the car. The first thing was it had too many doors and the color was not space grey. I did a test drive and was smitten, even though it didn’t align with my wish list, I went through with the purchase. I picked up an automatic 2007 335i Titanium Silver Metalic sedan ….. non-sport. But it did have i-drive so that I was happy about.

Since I was new to the BMW world, I made an error. All my research was with coupes and didn’t realize that some sedans didn’t come with the sport package. The most important feature the sport package offer is the sport seats. Trust me the non-sport seats are garbage. Also, the ride height is super high, and it came with 17in wheels. This was a classic case of blind love, which was drunken by the test drive. It didn’t help that it was the fastest car I’ve ever driven.

At the end of the day, I still love the car. The color choice wasn’t that bad of a compromise since my civic and my TSX are titanium silver metallic. I planned on installing coil-overs and swapping over to sport wheels. Then later down the line replace the non-sport seats with Recaros, and doing a manual swap.

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