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(NOTE: The original 30-4350 Tru Boost Controller Gauge is discontinued and has been replaced with the 30-0352 X-Series Tru-BoostX Controller Gauge, below)

The Tru-BoostX Boost Controller Gauge delivers all of the features you loved about the original only now with AEMnet for data logging and a big, fat internal MAP sensor that can handle boost pressures up to 80 PSI of boost.

The Tru-BoostX Boost Controller gauge delivers digital accuracy but with the simplicity of a manual boost controller. All programming is done using the faceplate buttons and no laptop is required. AEM’s specially designed Boost Control Solenoid and all necessary hardware is included.

Program Two Boost Levels + Scramble Boost Setting – Program two boost modes for different levels of performance (up to 80PSIg internal MAP sensor), and program a time-based scramble boost setting that is controlled using a switched input. You can also turn off the controller and use the gauge as a display.

Change Wastegate Open Pressure—Ideal for reducing boost spikes and improving spool up.

Display Boost Levels in PSIg (PSI), BAR or kPa (PAS) –See your boost in the units you prefer, and scale the 24 outer LEDs to match your peak boost levels for the perfect sweeping motion.

Set Alarms and Display Peak Boost—Set the 24 green outer LEDs to flash-based on boost pressure so you are alerted to an over-boost condition. A ground output is included for triggering an optional LED warning light. Select the “B” button to see peak boost level and clear the value using the menu.

Overboost Protection Built-In—Protects your engine from an over-boost condition by shutting the boost control solenoid off until it is reactivated by you through the buttons on the faceplate.

Integrated Error Protection—Alerts you to a fault if the boost control solenoid is shorted or disconnected so you are never left guessing whether the Tru-BoostX is operational.

Datalog using AEMnet CAN bus—Outputting channels over AEMnet provides so much more than just boost pressure! Send 13 channels of data over a 2-wire connection, including boost pressure, peak boost, boost target, boost scramble duty, overboost status, wastegate crack pressure, boost control solenoid status, and more.

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7 reviews for AEM Tru-Boost Controller and Gauge

  1. Jerry

    Shipping was fast and the boost controller works flawlessly!

  2. Robert

    Order for my single turbo setup, great customer service in helping setting it up. Highly recommend.

  3. Wallace

    good price and shipping was quick. I received it 2 days later after ordering.

  4. Douglas

    I love my boost controller. This one measures up to 30lbs of boost and actually controls an included boost solenoid. The gauge works great and all thr programming for the controller happens on 2 buttons. Using the 2 buttons to scroll through all the options and to change the settings takes some getting use to but one it is setup everything works well and is easy to maintain and change.

  5. Earl

    worked as designed and great quality hooks up like any other boost gauge just follow the instructions and good to go

  6. Joseph

    Easy to use and works just as described.

  7. Richard

    By and far my favorite boost controller. Doubles as a boost gauge.

  8. Joe

    Easy install

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