Radium Fuel Hanger FPR Block Off

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This new Radium fuel pump hanger can be converted from a built-in regulator dead head system, to a return style system. We understand some users want to run an engine bay mounted regulator with a return line back to the tank.

This kit makes that possible. The parts in the kit disable the built-in regulator allowing the use of an external regulator elsewhere in the system. The hanger top plate features a return port that can be used for the return line from the external regulator.

A FKM O-ring, anodized aluminum plate, and stainless steel plug are included.

  • A 6AN ORB fitting is required for the return port in order to attach a hose. Keep in mind, this fitting must be low profile (20-1000-0606).
  •  A fuel pressure regulator (not included) must be installed downstream in the system. This procedure is not discussed in the instructions. 

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