Radium Engineering Direct Mount Regulator 8AN ORB - Black

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Radium's redesigned direct mount EFI fuel pressure regulator is new for 2020 and has many new improvements. The regulator mounts with a new swivelling fitting. The regulator has two 1/8NPT ports that can be used for a pressure gauge. A new swivelling outlet fitting is also included. For more details see www.radiumauto.com.

The Radium Direct Mount Regulator (DMR) is a compact high performance adjustable EFI fuel pressure regulator designed with a unique highly versatile mounting system. It can be mounted directly to a compatible fuel rail port using the included 360 degree swivelling adapter, or mounted remotely away from the fuel rail. The compact size fits in areas with limited space, without sacrificing performance.

The main inlet port on the regulator is female threaded for 6AN ORB. A swivelling double ended adapter (shown below) is included with the kit that allows the regulator to be used in any compatible 8AN ORB fuel rail port, such as those found Radium Engineering fuel rails. Other swivel adapters will be made available in the future. If mounting the regulator off-rail, other adapters can be screwed into this port on the regulator.

The return port on the bottom is threaded for 6AN ORB. The provided 90 degree 6AN male fuel return fitting (shown below) can swivel 360 degrees permitting a multitude of mounting configurations. Other adapter fittings can be installed in the return port if needed (sold separately).

Fuel pressure is dialed in using the preloaded set screw on top of the regulator.

Two interchangeable orifices are included with calculated flow diameters to match the fuel pump flow to the regulator. This permits the DMR to be used with practically any horsepower engine. Furthermore, this added precision will resist diaphragm flutter and optimize pressure stability. See the installation instructions for more details.


  • Compatible with all gasoline and ethanol blends of fuel. 
  • It is not uncommon for pressure to bleed down when the fuel pump is turned off. This is not a sign of a malfunctioning regulator.


Part numbers 20-0623-00/-01 include only the parts .

  • Fuel Pressure Regulator (Black or Green Top)
  • Swivelling Inlet Adapter Fitting (for 8AN ORB Fuel Rail)
  • PTFE Impregenated 1/8" NPT Plugs (x2)
  • 6AN Male Swivel (for Return Line)
  • Return Orifices (silver orifice pre-installed) 

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