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Pagid BMW 1 Series Coupe, M3 RST1 Front Brake Pads

Pagid BMW 1 Series Coupe, M3 RST1 Front Brake Pads

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Pair of front brake pads for BMW M3. Can fit multiple other BMW models. Racing oriented and built to withstand high temperatures. See full fitment list below.

RST1 Compound Overview

The Pagid RST compounds are designed to comply with the latest requirements of rally, spring and stock car racing. The RST1 compound is an aggressive compound targeted at Rally and NASCAR applications and in most cases should be run with slicks. If run with DOT tires, the stopping power could cause brakes to lock, which would result in flat-spotting tires.

For an E90 BMW M3, many have had success in using the RST1 compound for short races, balanced out with the RST4 in the rear.

Model Compatibility

  • BMW 1 Series Coupe [E82] 11 -13
  • BMW 320i -330i [E90] 05 - 11
  • BMW 335i, 335d [E90/E91/E92] 06 - 11
  • BMW M3 [E90/E92] 07 -13
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