Mishimoto 01-06 BMW M3 3.2L Performance Aluminum Radiator

Mishimoto 01-06 BMW M3 3.2L Performance Aluminum Radiator

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Whether you're a daily driver searching for a dependable quality upgrade from your current OEM radiator, or you're a devoted racer who needs a lightweight, high-performance racing radiator, Mishimoto has just what you're looking for. A high-quality aluminum radiator is one of the most important components in your vehicle's engine.

Mishimoto performance racing radiators are designed to efficiently reduce the heat from vital areas. Made with 100% brazed aluminum for a clean OEM fit, our performance aluminum radiators ensure excellence and a lifetime of efficient cooling.


  • 100% brazed aluminium core

Mishimoto radiators feature a 100% brazed aluminium core. Joints formed from the brazing process require little or no finishing thanks to a tight control of tolerances. The brazing process causes little distortion and low residual stresses, making it an excellent method for joining dissimilar metals.

  • 25% more cooling capacity

Mishimoto radiators provide up to 25% more cooling over the stock unit thanks to the aluminium design. Mishimoto radiators are designed with aluminium end tanks to assist with heat dissipation. Mishimoto radiators are available with 2 or 3 row cores whereas stock radiators only contain a single row core.

  • Tig welded to perfection

Mishimoto radiators are TIG welded, providing both superior strenght and an overall clean look. Because TIG welds can be made in all positions, it is the ideal method for corners, bends and inside confined areas. TIG welding also guarantees less heat transfer during welding to the surrounding areas, ensuring overall integrity of the radiator.

  • Radiator cap

OEM radiator caps are not equipped to handle higher pressure and can allow coolant to leak out in hard driving conditions, but the Mishimoto radiator cap is rated an 1.3 bar and will keep coolant where it needs to be - flowing within the system.

  • Magnetic drain plug

Mishimoto radiators include a magnetic drain plug that helps to collect harmful metal particles floating in your cooling system. As the magnetic drain plug draws particles out of the system, it improves the cooling efficiency of the system and reduces the risk of leaks.

  • Authentic serial number

Included on every Mishimoto radiator is a serial number plate to ensure authenticity.

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