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DKM Clutch BMW E9X 335i MS Organic Twin Disc Clutch Kit w/Flywheel (660 ft/lbs Torque) - 6 bolt

DKM Clutch
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The MS Twin Disc Clutch Kit are designed to hold 100 to 200% more torque capacity to the wheels with rigid organic discs. The two organic disc setup provides additional contact surface area for higher torque capacity and longer lifecycle. Each kit is comprised of a pressure plate, organic discs and steel flywheel. Additional parts such as pilot bearing/bushing, throw-out bearing (are included when applicable) and alignment tool are also included.


  • Large diameter dual organic discs
  • Recommended for high horsepower street applications
  • CNC machined components
  • Rated for upwards of 650 ft/lbs of torque
  • Billet steel flywheels
  • Maintains a practicable pedal feel while offering sport inspired performance and durability
  • Maintains a close to factory engagement
  • Street capable twin disc clutch
Note: Call the manufacturer to confirm fitment - build date must be included.

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