CSF BMW M3/M4 S58 (G8X) Charge-Air Cooler Manifold - Thermal Dispersion Black

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CSF worked closely with its strategic manufacturing partner PWR and Local R&D Partner Studio RSR on the development of the "Level-Up" Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold. The relationship with PWR offers CSF access to exclusive cutting edge Formula 1 grade technology, while Studio RSR offers expertise in real world race experience and hands-on mechanical knowledge of the S58 platform.

The manifold is made from the highest grade billet aluminum. Each part is CNC machined with the highest precision and TIG welded to form a single piece charge-air-cooler intake manifold. The CSF manifold is capable of achieving the highest levels of performance and withstanding extreme boost levels.The ultra high performance liquid-to-air F1 grade core is made by PWR. This Bar & Plate core is pressure tested to 120 psi to ensure it will withstand the high boost levels motorsports race teams can throw at it.

Feedback from the community has shown the OEM core (crimped onto plastic end tanks) is prone to failure starting at just 27 pounds (psi) of boost pressure.Adding power always requires more fuel, so the CSF Manifold features a top feed port injection system. The intake runners have the injector bungs machined directly into them and the kit includes both the Fuel Rail and CNC Machined Block-Off Caps for non-use. In addition, the manifold also has integrated ports on each runner for Nitrous or Methanol Injection. Individual ports for each runner allows for maximum control and tuning.

The included Thermal Rejection Manifold Spacer is made from KIYLEX, a revolutionary polymer that is as strong as aluminum and withstands temps up to 1100F. The spacer insulates the manifold from conductive heat transfer from the cylinder head. This reduces manifold temps which helps lower Intake Air Temps (IATs), improves efficiency, and combats heat soak.The CSF #8233B comes in raw billet aluminum (CSF #8233).

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