BMP BMW N54 N55 Plate Style Port Injection Kit | 750cc
BMP BMW N54 N55 Plate Style Port Injection Kit | 750cc
BMP BMW N54 N55 Plate Style Port Injection Kit | 750cc
BMP BMW N54 N55 Plate Style Port Injection Kit | 750cc
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BMP BMW N54 N55 Plate Style Port Injection Kit

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The Black Market Parts Multiport Injection (MPI) kit with flex fuel capability is a necessity to safely and sufficiently support the power levels of upgraded turbos. This kit is capable of supporting all BMW’s with N54 and N55 engines with supplemental fueling.

This kit integrates seamlessly into your car like it left from the factory with it installed; you can’t even see the kit once the car is assembled! This kit includes everything needed to add multi-port injection and is 100% e85 compliant. We include new genuine Bosch Motorsport injectors which are flow matched both static and dynamic by an outside lab to industry leading requirements. A Detailed certificate of conformance and genuine Bosch product certificate is included with each kit giving you all flow data needed for optimal tuning.

Don’t be tricked into thinking all port injection kits are equal, the BMP kit is the industry leader. This kit features 750cc* injectors standard (this flow rate is based on industry injector flow test pressure of 43.5psi) at 72psi these injectors flow 1000cc. What this means is our kit is capable of supporting builds from 400whp up to 1,000whp and anywhere in between!

Simply pick up this kit and pair it with your favorite injector controller and you are ready to go!  Our favorite injector controller is the AIC-6 which is compatible with all N54 and N55 cars and is the industry standard which is why we offer it with this kit.


  • Engine Compatibility:  All N54 and N55 engines
  • Injector brand:  Genuine Bosch Motorsports
  • Advertised Flow: 750cc @ 43.5psi , 1050cc @ 72.5psi
  • Fuel Compatibility: All known fuels
  • Flow Matched: 2% or better (250% more accurate than off the shelf injectors)
  • Connection Type: EV6 (Called US Car Connector) works with AIC and JB4 Controller
  • Hardware included:  Yes stainless OEM style studs
  • Gasket Type:  OEM Spec manifold gaskets used in port injection plate (included)
  • Fuel Distribution Pattern:  Diagonal equal distribution across all cylinders

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