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BMW N54 Index 12 Piezo Fuel Injectors - Rebuilt - Complex Seven Industries
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BMW N54 Index 12 Piezo Fuel Injectors - Rebuilt

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BMW Index 12 Fuel Injectors - Rebuilt

If you are experiencing a rough idle, misfire, or check engine light, this could be the problem. Earlier fuel injectors have been a common failure item, this is the most up to date injector. It is highly recommended to replace older injectors also if your car is modified or you plan to modify it.

It is recommended to replace all six instead of mixing and matching. Vehicles with old injector 7585261 will need to inspect their existing injectors to determine if these can be replaced individually. With an index of 11 or greater, injectors may be replaced individually with a new injector. If the index is 10 or less, all 6 injectors in an inline-6 engine must be replaced. For V8s, all four in that bank must be replaced.


  • Each replacement comes with a seal ring preinstalled.
  • Rebuilt GDI injector from GBR, each injector is thoroughly inspected before undergoing the rebuild process, the piezo stack undergoes a regeneration process to return it to original dimensions and performance, an updated internal filter is installed, includes new decoupling element and fuel injector seal.
  • After ordering you will receive instructions to send in your index 11 or 12 injector(s), and once we receive it. You will be refunded back $50 per injector.

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