Precision Raceworks BMW E90 E92 E82 In-Tank Fuel Filter & Regulator (V2)

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The Precision Raceworks E9x / E8x IN TANK FILTER REGULATOR ASSEMBLY (V2) is designed for customers looking to run anything from low grade pump gas to the most exotic race fuels.  No matter what fuel you are looking to run this product allows for maximum flow, lower current draw, and fuel pressure regulation in a single package!

The New In-Tank Fuel Filter & Regulator (V2) is an updated version of our original design.  Over the years since the V1 unit we created was developed we have learned a great deal more about squeezing everything out of a fuel system possible.  So it only made since to pull the V1 design since it was not the best we could do and create a V2 that really packs all the features. 

Modular By Design
This unit is both modular and high flow for compatibility with almost any configuration! 

This product comes standard with a 5 bar 1:1 boost referenced regulator that is preset and compatible with stock fuel lines or any upgraded fuel lines that connect to the stock filter regulator unit. This provides for a quick and easy install, just like replacing the stock unit that came in the car.  Best of all whatever your current setup is our Filter Regulator will work perfectly with out any custom lines or fittings to make things work!  (Note: for maximum flow and better than factory quality our fuel lines are recommended)

Looking for a simple and accurate solution to add a regulator at the fuel rail?  With the use of our high flow static regulator add on you have the option to move the regulator to the fuel rail which is the most ideal location for fuel regulators. No complex install, no programming, no trying to dial in the regulator to the correct pressure.  Simply connect the static regulator and fuel lines to your existing port fuel rail and back to our in tank filter solution and you are done.  We even offer different preset values for guys with big boosted cars wanting to step up from 5 bar of fuel pressure to 6 bar.

If you want all the bells and whistles go with our 1:1 boost referenced regulator add on that mounts in the engine bay and integrates seamlessly with our new in tank filter regulator assembly.  This regulator is fully adjustable allowing for the customer to dial in the exact pressure they want to target.  However this regulator by design is intended for race applications and does not have a check valve built in so fuel pressure bleeds off when the vehicle is shut off which can result in longer cranking cycle or rough idle when starting the car.

Flow Performance
That's cool there are lots of regulator options but what else?

Simply put you get more fuel from your tank to the front of the car than you ever have before while also reducing current draw to help extend the life of your EKP (factory pump controller).

We have known for years that the biggest single bottle neck in the fuel system of the E9x and E8x chassis cars was the fuel filter/regulator assembly.  For the first time ever we are sharing real and accurate data that shows just how restrictive it really is!

As seen in the chart below we gained 37% more flow at 72psi using our intank filter regulator over what a new OEM unit did on the flow bench. To put this into perspective a Walbro 450 flows about 318lph at 70 psi, a Walbro 535 flows about 418lph which is roughly 31% more than the 450.  While that is a nice gain our filter/regulator has a more substantial gain than upgrading from a 450 to a 535 when looking at the complete fuel system in your car.  Best of all you can have your cake and eat it too!  Stacking our filter regulator with a Walbro 535 fuel pump you combine the gains of both for one serious single pump low pressure solution.  Oh and did we mention, with either of our engine bay mounted regulator options the flow increases by 100%, that means a single 450 pump is capable of flowing the same as what traditional setups running twin 450's on the stock filter/regulator were capable of!  Best of all this all happens with the use of the factory fuel pump controller and reduces the load on the controller when compared to single 450 (and larger) fuel pumps that still have the stock fuel filter/regulator assembly!

Need even more fuel or already have a dual pump setup so what is the point?  The flow increase was even bigger when you get into dual fuel pump solutions.  On the bench we saw a 43% increase in flow at 72psi over what the stock units can provide.  That's insane even more so when you consider that this is more fuel than 3 Walbro 450's can provide through the factory filter/regulator assembly.  Even more impressive with our in tank filter/regulator assembly the current draw drops down to 36.86 amps from 39.7 amps.  Oh yeah and just like with single pump these flow numbers are with the standard included regulator that is back at the tank.  When you use either of our engine bay regulator options you see 99% increase in flow basically doubling the fuel that you get on a stock filter/regulator with twin Walbro 450's.

Electrical Benefits
Ok this sounds cool but I don't need more fuel I'm good

I get it, you have all the fuel you need for your build and have no dreams of one day making more power (that is sad by the way dreams are important).  But maybe you do have a need to lower the current going to your EKP.  In the chart below you see we dropped about 1/2 an amp over that of the stock unit while flowing 37% more, but 1/2 an amp doesn't sound like much.  Well keep in mind these cars have a closed loop fuel system which means that extra 37% more fuel that isn't needed most of the time, and since you never had before.... the car won't ask for it.  The car controls the low pressure fuel pump speed in an effort to maintain 5 bar of fuel pressure.  If it only needs 50% of the volume it runs the pump at 50% of the speed greatly reducing the current.  For a Walbro 450 the current draw is pretty linear so with some quick math we can determine the combined current draw due to less back pressure on the pump and increased volume to be around 2.5amps.  So now you can start to see it from a different perspective not only do you draw 1/2 an amp less at 100% pump speed/duty but you pickup an even greater reduction of current draw when you don't need 100% of the pump anymore since it is 37% more efficient.  Even if you need 100% of the pump you are still drawing 1/2 an amp less.  So based on that math your current setup with a single 450 and stock filter/regulator is drawing 17.53 amps and our pump slowed down by the car's control system to flow the same as your current setup flows maxed out drops to 15.03 amps reducing the current draw enough to prevent most EKP failures these cars have been known to have for years.

Simply replace your factory aging unit with the Precision Raceworks In Tank unit and instantly increase your flow rate from your existing pumps by up to 99% !!


  • Compatibility with any fuel pump on the market including stock!
  • Oversized in tank supply line and connection at input to fuel filter/regulator
  • Replaceable Filter Element (10 micron microglass - USA MADE)
  • Works with any fuel lines that connected to factory fuel filter!  (can be changed to any fitting that uses AN6 ORB)
  • Regulator Choice - Included: 5 Bar with 1-to-1 at tank - Optional: Adjustable at engine with 1-to-1, or inline static regulator at engine
  • All Billet Construction (no plastic here we learned from factory units that fail due to plastic cracking, plastic is not the way to go)
  • Least restrictive method ever developed results in highest flow possible and reduction of current drawn through EKP extending the service life of the EKP with upgraded fuel pumps.


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