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Burger Motorsports

Burger Motorsports BMW N54 N55 S55 Billet Oil Filter Cap

Burger Motorsports BMW N54 N55 S55 Billet Oil Filter Cap

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The Burger Motorsports V2 Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Cap directly replaces your weak OE plastic cap for greater protection, ease of removal/install, and great looks in your engine compartment. The built-in 19mm hex head does not require a special removal/install tool like the factory cap. Uses the OE oil filter, filter housing o-ring, and filter cage. Replaces OEM part number 11427525334 - BMW Oil filter cover.


  • Solid aluminum design is much stronger than brittle plastic
  • Integrated heat sinks for better oil cooling
  • Special tools are not required for removal/install like the factory cap
  • Strong design won't fail under pressure
  • Reuses OE filter cage and o-ring
  • Anodized for protection
  • Looks great under the hood
  • Available in black, red, silver, and blue
  • Made in the USA 


  • N54 BMW engines
  • N55 BMW engines
  • S55 BMW ///M engines
  • N51 and N52 non-turbo BMW engines
  • N20 and N26 BMW Engines


  • Please note some engine degreasers and harsh cleaners may fade or damage the anodized finish. 
  • After removing the OEM oil filter cap, remove the filter, and be sure to remove the plastic oil filter cage and transfer it to the new BMS billet oil filter cap. Be sure to replace the exterior o-ring gasket also when installing. 

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