Complex Seven was birthed from a desire to share our passion and interests in the automotive industry with like-minded individuals. We knew we couldn’t be the only souls who shared a deep appreciation for all things cars, and Complex Seven is a platform to bring us all together. Founded in 2016, we initially offered custom automotive apparel and have expanded to include OEM and aftermarket upgrades to include special selections for BMWs.

Our mission to provide first-class customer service serves as the backbone for all that we do, and that starts with providing products that combine quality performance with value pricing. Complex Seven Industries thrives in collaborative partnerships; our duty to provide superior services requires that we build and maintain healthy relationships with our suppliers, employees, and customers. With that in mind, we vet all of the vendors we work with, hand select all products, and have personally used many of the items offered on our website; this gives us the experience and confidence to provide quality feedback and support to our customers. We stand by our products, and customers can expect full transparency, swift shipping, and prompt communication.

Constantly striving to meet the needs of our consumers, Complex Seven continually reviews the available marketplace and increases our partnership with suppliers to meet that demand. We geek out over excellent parts and upgrades that stand the test of time. If this sounds anything like you, then you’re in the right place. Browse our selection and keep in touch! As previously mentioned, customer service is the crux of our business model; if we don’t have it, reach out, we may add it to our collection!

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