Cost-Effective​ N54 Single Turbo Setup

So the RB turbos are out and went with the ON3 61mm single turbo kit. I ordered just the hot side parts and bought all the other accessories separate. This would entail the boost control solenoid, Motiv Boost Box Controller, and etc misc items.  I did a lot of bargain hunting, and forum watching to keep my price low since I needed to cover other maintenance items and such. Below is a list of parts that I bought to help in the install. One thing to note is my coolant tank was already relocated from my inlet install. So I didn’t have to worry about relocating it. I choose to use the on3 provided wastegate to really see if it could hold up. I took it apart and used 2000 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the wastegate stem to make sure it was smooth.


ON3 Single Turbo Parts List

  1. On3 N54 Single Turbo Kit – Purchase
  • Deleted – Intercooler, BOV, Charge pipe
  • Added – On 3Performance 61mm GT35 Journal Bearing Turbocharger
  1. Tune: Motive Boost Box – Purchase
  1. MAC Boost Control Solenoid – Purchase
  1. MAC Boost Control Solenoid Fittings (2) – Purchase
  1. Turbo Tap Kit – Purchase
  1. Turbo Blanket – Purchase
  1. Turbo Drain – Purchase
  1. Vacuum Line – Purchase
  1. DEI 010125 Titanium Exhaust Heat – Purchase
  1. Gold Reflective Tape – Purchase
  1. DEI 010474 Fire Sleeve and Tape Kit – Purchase
  1. Stainless Steel Zip Ties – Purchase
  1. Wastegate Boost Line Splitter- Purchase
  1. Turbo Boost Reference Fitting (1) – Purchase
  1. Exhaust Manifold Gasket (6) – Purchase
  1. Exhaust Nut (16) – Purchase
  1. 5/8 Heater Hose – Local Auto Parts Store
  1. 5/8 Straight Barb Fitting – Local Auto Parts Store
  1. Water Pipe Gasket – Purchase


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