The NEW GFB SV52! More Flow- More Compact

In the race to create the most compact and highest flowing blow-off valve, GFB’s SV52 pulls ahead of the pack. Standing only 86mm tall (including the weld-on adaptor), the SV52 is 10mm shorter than the nearest competitor and flows more! Realizing that a high-flowing valve like this will see duty in some high-boost environments, GFB made sure the SV52 tops the class in that category, giving it an excellent boost pressure rating of 300psi!

The SV52 also includes two springs and a spring pre-load adjustment system to dial it in for optimum throttle response and boost recovery after gearshift without resorting to the costly hit-and-miss purchasing extra springs.


  • Outflows everything else in its class
  • Boost pressure rating of 300psi
  • 10mm shorter than the nearest competitor
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty 



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