The Motul 300V Engine Oil

One name has been synonymous with success for the last 50 years, from racing to high-performance cars – Motul 300V. This product was born out of Motul’s never-ending pursuit of perpetual movement.

Launched in 1971, Motul 300V was developed to help racing teams accomplish maximum performance and reliability out of their engines, the holy grail of motorsport. Its name is a tribute to the 300 racing victories achieved by the time of its launch – but Motul 300V has gone on to help countless more motorsport legends to victory. 

Over the following decades, Motul has continuously perfected its flagship product, and today, Motul 300V continues to propel the world’s top teams to podium glory. From Le Mans to high-performance cars, Drift Masters, to Dakar rally, it has proved itself to be a game-changing lubricant in the paddocks of top racing.

Fifty years after its first launch, Motul is proud to unveil the latest evolution of its benchmark lubricant: the new Motul 300V range.


  • The new Motul 300V racing oil improves engine performance by reducing internal friction. This unique formulation ensures proven power and torque gains across the whole powerband. 
  • Motul 300V protects engines without compromising performance, by providing high shear stability for maximal oil film resistance, even in extreme conditions.
  • Motul 300V now fulfills modern engine requirements: compatible with exhaust gas after-treatment systems such as particulate filters, compatible with biofuels (especially Ethanol) and protects against LSPI (on downsized engines).
  • Motul 300V features Organic base stocks using non-fossil renewable materials limiting the environmental impact and allowing Motul to lower its carbon footprint by 25% during the manufacturing process. 

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