King Bearing AUDI R8 4.2/5.2 Lamborghini Gallardo/Huracan Design Chang

The King Engine Bearings part numbers CR 227XPC & CR6764XPC (and all their respective undersizes) have an updated design that removes the locating lug.

Eliminating the locating lug (tang) enables these bearing sets to fit additional engines and allows the bearings to be installed in any direction.

The locating lug does not prevent the bearing from spinning within the housing bore. Engine bearings are held in place as a result of proper crush and press fit.

CR 227XPC new set assembly contains 2 pairs of C6764-PRC lug-less design.

CR6764XPC new set assembly contains 6 pairs of C6764-PRC lug-less design.

The locating lug has no function in preventing the bearing from spinning, Engine bearings are retained in place as a result of the crush height - a parameter completely unaffected by the presence or absence of a locating lug.

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